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A Serious Question: When Will The First “Vaccine Enforcers” Be Shot By Parents Defending Their Children Against The Felony Assault Of Forced Immunizations?

A Serious Question: When Will The First "Vaccine Enforcers" Be Shot By Parents Defending Their Children Against The Felony Assault Of Forced Immunizations?
The political Left in America at present now brazenly advocates the homicide of dwelling human infants, even after they’re born.

That is a part of the brand new abortion laws that has been handed and signed into regulation in each New York and Vermont… and the whole concept of killing human infants within the identify of “ladies’s rights” is spreading to extra states, a lot to the applause of Democrats who cheer the brand new “proper” to kill infants together with your naked arms.

One abortionist lately informed a former affected person they might, “break the infant’s neck” if it survived an abortion try, reviews LifeSiteNews:

The lady stated she requested the 2 abortionists, “In case you guys have been to take him out proper now whereas he’s nonetheless, his coronary heart price continues to be, you understand, going, what would you guys do?”

She stated one of many abortionists seemed on the different one, then appeared again at her, “and she or he advised me that we don’t inform ladies this, and numerous ladies don’t even ask this query, but when we was to proceed with the abortion and the infant was to return out nonetheless alive and lively, most probably we might break the child’s neck.”

The exact same people who find themselves gleeful about breaking the uncooked necks of new child human infants within the identify of “ladies’s well being” additionally declare they “care” about all of your different youngsters that you simply didn’t, for some cause, determine to homicide instantly after delivery. Actually, in response to Democrats, they’re so involved concerning the well being of your youngsters that they demand to return to your personal residence with a group of armed vaccine enforcers and violate your baby’s physique with a harmful, poisonous medical intervention that’s documented by the U.S. authorities itself to hurt, maim and kill over a thousand U.S. youngsters yearly. (Supply: VAERS knowledge, HHS)

As reported by Pure Information in an article entitled ‘Vaccine Business to associate with police, come after residence faculty college students in Iowa for mandated quarterly “well being and wellness” checks‘ :

Iowa State Consultant Mary Mascher has proposed a bit of laws that might goal them of their houses, to implement compliance. Iowa’s HF 272 would require residence faculty households to submit proof of their baby’s vaccination document to the state, whereas requiring the households to undergo quarterly “well being and wellness” security checks, which can be carried out by officers from the Well being and Human Providers Division and accompanied by native regulation enforcement.

If the dad or mum doesn’t consent, then the district can acquire possible trigger from the juvenile courtroom to forcefully enter the house and conduct the statement and the interview. The superintendent of the varsity district shall “designate an individual to hold out the duties.” This individual is designated because the “obligatory reporter.” Most sickening, the varsity district might collaborate with the division of human providers and “native, county and repair space officers” to enter the house and conduct the checkup.

This implies the vaccine business is about to recruit gun-toting police to implement obligatory medical interventions towards people who find themselves rationally refusing to provide consent to the process. There are an enormous variety of rational causes to say no to vaccines, together with the truth that many vaccine insert sheets brazenly admit they trigger atrocious reactions which can embrace seizures, comas and even demise in sure instances.

Learn the language within the following photograph of the FLULAVAL vaccine insert sheet.

It says:

FLULAVAL is a vaccine indicated for lively immunization towards influenza illness… however doesn’t ever declare the vaccine truly works.

Within the very subsequent bullet level, the vaccine insert admits:

…there have been no managed trials adequately demonstrating a lower in influenza illness after vaccination with FLULAVAL.

In different phrases, GlaxoSmithKline confirms there isn’t a proof to again this flu shot.

There’s much more. When you maintain studying the FLULAVAL insert, it says in black and white textual content, “Security and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric sufferers haven’t been established.”

The identical insert additionally says, “FLULAVAL has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.”

As it’s also possible to see, this similar insert additionally explains that if you’re being injected with a flu shot, you’re additionally being injected with mercury, formaldehyde and different poisonous components:

“Thimerosal, a mercury by-product, is added as a preservative. Every … dose accommodates 50 mcg thimerosal. Every dose may additionally include residual quantities of ovalbumin, formaldehyde, and sodium deoxycholate from the manufacturing course of.”

Simply a few of the opposed results skilled after flu shot vaccines embrace:

• Eye ache and chest ache
• Arthritis
• Dizziness, tremors and dropping consciousness (syncope)
• Convulsions and seizures
• Gullain-Barre Syndrome
• Cranial nerve paralysis or limb paralysis
• Swelling of the mind
• Partial facial paralysis
… and far more. See the textual content your self:

Right here’s a extra full record of a few of the antagonistic results sometimes listed on flu shot vaccine insert sheets:

Blood and Lymphatic System Issues: Lymphadenopathy.

Eye Issues: Eye ache, photophobia.

Gastrointestinal Issues: Dysphagia.

Common Issues and Administration Website Circumstances: Chest ache, injection website irritation, asthenia, injection website rash, irregular gait, injection website bruising, injection website sterile abscess.

Immune System Issues: Allergic reactions together with anaphylaxis, angioedema.

Infections and Infestations: Rhinitis, laryngitis, cellulitis.

Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Issues: Muscle weak spot, arthritis.

Nervous System Issues: Dizziness, paresthesia, hypoesthesia, hypokinesia, tremor, somnolence, syncope, Guillain-Barre syndrome, convulsions/seizures, facial or cranial nerve paralysis, encephalopathy, limb paralysis.

Psychiatric Issues: Insomnia.

Respiratory, Thoracic, and Mediastinal Issues: Dyspnea, dysphonia, bronchospasm, throat tightness.

Pores and skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Issues: Urticaria, pruritus, sweating.

Vascular Issues: Flushing, pallor.

Figuring out all this, think about an area vaccine enforcer holding down a screaming youngster by drive, jabbing it with an autism-causing poisonous brew of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and squalene (all components in trendy vaccines) whereas a police officer holds the mom at gunpoint.

This state of affairs is about to turn out to be a actuality in America. The vaccine business is about to unleash “dying squads” throughout the nation, and in case you resist, you might be arrested or shot.

Do mother and father have the suitable to guard their youngsters from violent assaults carried out within the identify of drugs?

The suitable of a mum or dad to guard her youngster from a violent assault is inherently understood throughout America, and that proper is enshrined each in widespread regulation and particular state regulation virtually all over the place. If a unscrupulous individual makes an attempt to stab your youngster with a knife, or penetrate your youngster in an act of pedophilia rape, or hurt your baby by kidnapping or assaulting them, you because the mum or dad have each proper to deploy all technique of self-defense, together with, the place authorized, firearms.

This proper to guard youngsters from violent assaults is just not nullified by the false authority of the vaccine deep state, which is steeped in felony crimes, scientific fraud, the abuse of youngsters as human guinea pigs for medical experiments, and an extended historical past of cover-ups to bury the reality about vaccine accidents. Whatever the false claims of “security” by the vaccine business, such claims don’t overrule the essential human proper of self-defense. Even when vaccines had an ideal security report and killed no youngsters in any respect, no medical intervention is justified with out knowledgeable consent. This elementary precept of western drugs is enshrined by the American Medical Affiliation, which insists that docs should inform potential sufferers about each the potential advantages and dangers of any given intervention, then permit the affected person (or the mum or dad) to determine whether or not to consent to the intervention.

The AMA plainly states in its part entitled Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 2.1.1:

Knowledgeable consent to medical remedy is prime in each ethics and regulation. Sufferers have the best to obtain info and ask questions on beneficial remedies in order that they will make well-considered selections about care.

In in search of a affected person’s knowledgeable consent… physicians ought to … Current related info precisely and sensitively, consistent with the affected person’s preferences for receiving medical info. The doctor ought to embrace details about:

1. The analysis (when recognized)
2. The character and objective of beneficial interventions
three. The burdens, dangers, and anticipated advantages of all choices, together with forgoing remedy

Whereas exceptions are made for instances through which the affected person is unconscious from a critical damage and subsequently unable to consent to a lifesaving process, there isn’t any medical ethics argument that claims youngsters and moms must be held at gunpoint whereas they’re injected with substances which are recognized to hold vital dangers of hurt and even demise. But that is precisely what’s now being proposed in Iowa and California, all beneath the guise of “public well being” by the exact same individuals who declare executing dwelling human infants is notan act of violence towards youngsters.

Pressured immunization with a probably lethal substance is a felony assault

To drive an immunization jab onto an individual with out their consent is, by any smart definition, a felony assault. There isn’t a getting round this. To invade, pierce and contaminate the physique of one other human being towards their needs or consent is an act of violence (or “medical rape”), even when carried out by so-called “authorities.”

The very concept of such vaccine enforcer groups holding moms at gunpoint whereas their youngsters are violated within the identify of Huge Pharma’s false guarantees is abhorrent to each final pillar of a free society. No civil society can permit the obligatory vaccine injections of youngsters who’re primarily kidnapped at gunpoint by state authorities. And any vaccine enforcer trying to hold out such an act of medical kidnapping and felony assault towards a toddler could also be forcefully resisted and stopped utilizing each authorized means obtainable.

In Texas and lots of different states, it’s inside the authorized proper of any gun proprietor to deploy a firearm to cease the fee of a felony crime, together with crimes of violence towards youngsters. Thus, in Texas, if a vaccine enforcement staff trespasses in your property, invades your property, makes an attempt to kidnap and assault your youngster, any affordable mother or father would appear to be each morally and legally inside their rights to interact these vaccine enforcers with deadly pressure in an effort to cease them finishing up a criminal offense of violence towards harmless youngsters. I’m not calling for violence, by the best way: I’m calling for an finish to medical violence towards youngsters. I’m additionally not an lawyer, so I can’t advise you on specific actions you may absorb your personal circumstances, so do your homework first (and get competent authorized recommendation).

All the time act inside your native legal guidelines, in fact, and attempt to keep away from violence wherever attainable. Don’t provoke violence towards anybody, however all the time be able to cease violence when it’s imminent. A medical assault of a kid with a probably lethal substance is a type of felony assault by any affordable definition. Hid carry permits are granted to adults exactly for the aim of permitting these adults to deploy such instruments to halt violence and shield the lives of the harmless. That’s additionally why the pro-vaccine zealots are additionally the anti-gun whackos who need all mother and father to be disarmed. It makes it a lot simpler to medically assault and penetrate your youngsters when you haven’t any means to cease such acts of violence from being carried out in your personal house while you’re being held at gunpoint by a pharma-controlled coercive authorities thug who works for the medical police state.

Gun management is step one to obligatory vaccines, pressured euthanasia, eugenics and depopulation injections carried out by the state. The minute you surrender your weapons, you and your youngsters can be assaulted and forcefully penetrated by the armed narco-pharma state, in all probability with the assistance of the identical armed FBI thugs who raided the house of Roger Stone.

Even on the federal degree, the appropriate of self-defense towards a violent assault of an harmless youngster is widely known. That’s why I’m significantly asking at what level the tyranny and medical fascism of the vaccine business collides with the essential human proper of self-defense. Ultimately, it appears, certainly one of these vaccine enforcers goes to come across a dad or mum who is aware of her rights and isn’t afraid to say them, even within the face of outright vaccine tyranny by the state itself.

And may you blame her?

Mother and father have an obligation to guard their youngsters from violence, together with medical violence and chemical violence
Simply because intruders and trespassers are carrying vaccines doesn’t grant them some supreme energy to override the person proper of self-defense. Though I wouldn’t have youngsters, if I did have youngsters, and if a vaccine enforcer have been trying to commit a criminal offense of felony assault towards my youngster, I might in fact defend my baby with out hesitation. Any loving father or mother would do the identical factor.

That’s as a result of all mother and father have an obligation to guard their youngsters from all types of violence, together with medical violence and chemical violence. Obligatory vaccines embody each types of violence on the similar time, subjecting youngsters to an unsafe piercing of their pores and skin and the injection of overseas RNA, overseas chemical compounds and overseas substances into their physique. By any definition, this can be a felony assault.

When you don’t consider me, attempt operating round your native city with a needle and jabbing individuals with it to see what occurs. I say this in jest, in fact, as a result of should you have been silly sufficient to hold out such an act of lunacy, you’d be instantly arrested and charged with felony assault.

So why is it someway okay when a corrupt, paid-off shill of the vaccine business orders well being staff or the native police to do the exact same factor? Well being staff will not be granted immunity from all different legal guidelines in society, and if a well being employee assaults you with a probably dangerous or lethal substance — which is strictly what vaccines are — you might have the suitable to defend your self towards such an assault utilizing each authorized means out there.

Good mother and father, it is perhaps said, cease dangerous individuals who try and hurt their youngsters. And if the vaccine jihadis are operating round society making an attempt to assault homeschooled youngsters, it appears to be solely a matter of time earlier than a few of them are engaged and stopped by mother and father who determine to face their floor.

The Vaccine Jihadis are a part of a fanatical cult that sacrifices youngsters to appease the pharma gods
That’s why I encourage all of the vaccine zealots and vaccine jihadis — I exploit the time period “Jihadi” as a result of the vaccine cult is finishing up a sort of spiritual fanaticism warfare towards humanity — to assume very rigorously about what they could encounter throughout America in the event that they try and pressure dangerous medical innovations onto youngsters and fogeys who don’t consent to the process. No individual has any proper to drive one other individual to bear a probably lethal medical intervention with out their consent… that is true even when these finishing up the assault declare to be appearing for “the larger good.”

Keep in mind, it was beneath Nazi Germany that mass euthanasia, eugenics and depopulation packages have been carried out “for the larger good,” too. Six million Jews have been exterminated beneath that dogma, and the one means that crime towards humanity was stopped was by means of using (Allied) rifles, bullets and bombs. In different phrases, what the Allies discovered in World Conflict II is that the one strategy to cease an insane, deranged nationwide cult of violent authoritarians is to shoot them lifeless. You can’t purpose with them or negotiate a settlement that respects human life. You merely should exterminate them at gunpoint, which is strictly what America, France and Russia achieved throughout that horrific struggle that noticed tens of hundreds of thousands of human exterminated within the identify of “the larger good.”

Now the vaccine business is at warfare with humanity. Particularly, it’s at warfare with human youngsters, very similar to the abortion business which is now steeped in infanticide. The vaccine business can’t be reasoned with, as a result of they censor and block all opposing views. They can’t be negotiated with, as a result of they declare supremacy within the identify of “science” whereas rejecting all proof that contradicts their cult-like faith of vaccinism. They can’t be made to respect medical ethics, since they consider that their “trigger” supersedes all ethics. They really inform themselves that they need to prevent towards your self, even when meaning injecting you at gunpoint or kidnapping your youngsters within the identify of “medical science.”

No, the vaccine jihadis can’t be reasoned with. They don’t seem to be working in good religion and they don’t seem to be swayed by scientific proof and even the exploding instances of autism throughout America, lots of which happen mere hours after vaccines are injected into youngsters. The vaccine jihadis have to be defeated and stopped utilizing all obtainable authorized means, together with lawsuits and felony indictments leveled towards them by native prosecutors.

Once they come on your youngsters, name the police and report a felony assault and kidnapping in progress
Once they come on your youngsters, will you shield your youngsters towards medical violence, or will you give up them to the tyranny of the medical police state that calls for you sacrifice your youngsters to the desire of the pharma cartels to be able to appease your authorities “god” controllers?

My recommendation is that once they come on your youngsters in your personal residence, you name the police, report a felony assault and medical kidnapping in progress, demand the felony prosecution of these carrying it out, and put together to defend the lives of your youngsters utilizing each legally out there software at your disposal. Then once more, I’m not an lawyer, so I can’t formally offer you authorized recommendation. Do your personal analysis based mostly on native legal guidelines and make your personal greatest choice contemplating your capabilities, funds and circumstances.

Personally, if I had youngsters, any one that invaded my house and tried to commit felony violence towards my youngster can be engaged and halted. Sooner or later, I’d even name 911 and report the ensuing mess to the native sheriff. This appears to be the one affordable response when dwelling in a world dominated by unreasonable vaccine zealots who’ve by no means been advised, “No!”

Ultimately, somebody goes to cease these perpetrators of medical violence and felony assault towards youngsters. It’d occur quickly in Iowa.

Keep knowledgeable on this situation and be able to defend your youngsters, as a result of the vaccine police state is sort of actually coming for you. Learn John W. Whitehead’s wonderful guide, “Battleground America,” and go to his web site, the Rutherford Institute, at Learn Tyranny.information and Vaccines.information to remain knowledgeable on the necessary points.

See vaccine movies at, which is quickly turning into the go-to video website for vaccine fact. See the “Vaxxed” channel there, which now options over 800 vaccine movies, together with heartbreaking testimony from mother and father whose youngsters have been completely maimed (and even killed, in some instances) by vaccines.

Additionally, take a look at the upcoming documentary movie “Vaxxed2” at, the place you possibly can even donate to the manufacturing prices and assist this movie get completed in 2019.

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