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Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Drama-Proof My Relationship?

Ask Dr NerdLove: Is My Girlfriend a Slut?

Hello Dr. NerdLove,

Your column right here and on Kotaku have helped me rather a lot up to now and I’m now in a state of affairs the place my pals are giving conflicting recommendation and I felt like this was the perfect place to show for readability.

There’s some context earlier than I (she/her) get into this specific state of affairs: I’m at present a graduate scholar in a program with a reasonably small class measurement and that’s resulted in a considerably poisonous environment the place gossip reigns supreme. I’ve truly seen individuals misinform undermine each other in some weird reputation contest. I’ve managed to remain fairly underneath the radar with a good quantity of labor, holding my private life completely personal, deflecting questions, and making it clear I don’t tolerate BS with regards to work. The worst my relationships with classmates will get is the extent of distant however cordial coworkers.

I turned shut with just a few classmates and realized a number of months in the past that I’ve emotions for one among them. I used to be planning on speaking to him about it and seeing if there was any probability he’d have an interest, however lately issues have occurred which have made me query how nicely I do know him. He and I are pals, however we’ve recognized one another for lower than a yr and just lately he pulled some shit that prompted plenty of class gossip. I’ve heard about 5 totally different variations of occasions. Some have fairly clear, deliberate lies, some fairly clearly directed at his buddies to see what our response can be.

A number of of us have been harm by what occurred, however we’ve talked to him about it. It was a very trustworthy dialog and we’re all nonetheless shut. I assumed I had labored by way of it because the harm was unintentional and what occurred was all a set of accidents and trustworthy stupidity. The entire story was not even that dangerous it was only a collection of silly selections within the worst attainable circumstances.Once we talked, he additionally appeared to comprehend that loads of his actions got here from the very typical man factor the place he didn’t unpack lots of his reasoning earlier than simply diving into issues. He appeared to be critical about making an attempt to be higher and to thank earlier than he acts. Nevertheless, I’m nonetheless listening to totally different accounts about what occurred from totally different individuals, and a few associates who don’t know every part have fairly destructive opinions about him now.

My query is that this: ought to I nonetheless have that dialog about courting with him? I nonetheless have type of robust emotions for him, and I do belief that he informed me the reality about what occurred. However each time I hear a brand new story I’ve to query my analysis of him as being simply not the brightest with individuals versus truly manipulative. Plus I’m nervous about what my associates would assume if it really works out. I don’t need to get sucked into this bizarre center faculty drama my program has going. Is it egocentric to be frightened about my fame? I actually simply need readability however is that value all of the potential problem?

Danger Averse

Ah, academia, the place the infighting is probably the most vicious as a result of the stakes are so very, very low.

Earlier than I get to your particular query, RA, let’s work backwards. Sure, it’s completely affordable to not need a relationship due to the drama-bomb it might set off in your life. There’re many individuals on the market who will be the hottest factor since World Conflict III, however they bring about with them a load of problems and penalties that you’d be justified in eager to keep away from. It might be that they’re in the midst of a contentious and bitter divorce. They might have a profession that places them underneath the microscope, and your courting them may invite individuals to pry into your life too. Or they could possibly be somebody who lives their life by the “maintain my beer” philosophy and doesn’t give a second’s thought to the potential penalties of their actions… particularly if these are penalties that different individuals need to cope with.

However by the identical token, I’ve seen loads of superior individuals who’ve been fucked over by circumstances outdoors of their management. That they had orbiters and stalkers who tried to make life depressing for anybody who’d date them. That they had bitter, even borderline sociopathic exes who needed to destroy their lives or had attracted the eye of the Web Hate Machine and have been deluged by trolls and worse. Numerous occasions, the objective of those actions isn’t simply to fuck over any person for the LOLs however to completely isolate them from something resembling a help community – from buddies to lovers to co-workers to employers. The top aim is to make them so radioactive that people gained’t affiliate with them for worry of being hit with the splash injury.

I’m not gonna lie: it takes a particular type of one that is prepared to face beside the goal of that kind of potential shitstorm, and people people could be exhausting to seek out.

So within the summary: sure, it’s comprehensible that you simply may select to not date somebody due to the potential drama. However by that very same token, you’re allowed to not date somebody for any cause you select, from the drama llama of their lives to the best way their nostril whistles once they breathe. People get to determine what their private deal-breakers are, regardless of how absurd it might appear to an outdoor celebration.

Now with all that being stated, let’s speak about your case, RA. You might have a couple of issues that you simply need to think about earlier than you dive into this specific relationship.

The primary is straightforward: how a lot do you belief this man versus the individuals who have first-hand info? One of many points in terms of gossip – malicious or not – is that typically it will possibly flip easy misunderstandings into deliberate malignant acts. However by the identical token… typically that gossip isn’t malicious, it’s protection. There’re loads of areas the place info is unfold by whisper networks as a result of the tradition helps and defends the dangerous actors over their victims. Even the well-known Shitty Media Males doc was shared as a approach to let ladies know who to be looking out for, to not slander harmless males as a result of FUCK YOU PENIS, THAT’S WHY.

So that you’re gonna need to make a gut-check about whether or not this man is being straight with you – each about what occurred and the way he’s making an attempt to do higher.

The subsequent query is: how a lot can this gossip truly have an effect on your life? It’s one factor in the event you’re coping with high-school bullshit – snickers within the hallways, whispers and soiled seems and absurd rumors. It’s one other if these are behaviors that would truly have an effect on your life – each within the right here and now and after you end this system. Are these individuals who’ll attempt to isolate you from your mates by making associating with you poisonous to their social well being? Is the poisonous environment contained to this system, or do you run the danger of issues like ginned up Twitter mobs or search engine optimization bombs designed to destroy your private and professional fame?

If it’s simply annoying high-school mean-girl shit: are you prepared to disregard it or grit your tooth and energy by means of it till you end your graduate program? If it’s the latter… properly, truthfully, if issues are that dangerous, I’d be extra fearful about getting the fuck out of that program over courting any person.

However the ultimate query you need to ask is crucial: is that this man well worth the potential complications? This isn’t an idle query; any relationship goes to return with its personal specific challenges and it’s personal slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Some individuals are completely value it; they’re affordable individuals in unreasonable conditions, and a relationship with them might be so enriching and superb that it’s nicely well worth the struggle. Others aren’t; they could be a unclean good time, however the potential drawbacks outweigh what they carry to the desk. In any case – as Alanna Massey famously put it – dick is ample and of low worth. Everyone has their flaws, so concentrate on the great and what attracts you to him. If he’s an amazing man who perhaps wanted to study to assume earlier than he acts and exhibits that he’s truly prepared to reside as much as his potential, then it might be well worth the potential gossip and drama. If this can be a man who’s a superb time however not essentially a love for the ages… nicely, there’re different Slab Squatthrust’s on the market who don’t include a side-order of tedious social politicking.

Good luck.

Hey Doc!

I’m a woman in a long-term relationship with a person. We don’t have too many points in our relationship and those we do have we’ve talked about and are actively addressing. There’s one factor although, that’s sort of come up as a problem that we’ve talked about however don’t actually know the right way to clear up: stickin’ it in my butt.

He’s by no means executed anal and actually needs to attempt, I’ve tried it and luxuriate in it with a thoughtful associate (which he’s). However the couple of occasions we’ve labored our approach as much as it, his anatomy hasn’t actually cooperated. He’s onerous whereas he lubes me up and I’m enjoying together with his cock, however he goes smooth when he tries to place it in. I think he’s psyching himself out – he locations a number of emphasis on how he sees this as a type of present that I’m honoring him with (I don’t see it that method, however I by no means noticed any hurt in that perception till now), and I’m wondering if he’s coping with efficiency nervousness. We’ve talked about it and he places it down extra to lack of stimulation whereas managing the logistics of positioning and velocity, however admits that he may additionally be placing an excessive amount of weight on the act to have the ability to carry out.

We’ve put an unstated maintain on issues for now – I determine if he retains making an attempt and failing it’s going to develop into a Huge Factor in his thoughts and it’ll worsen. We’ve a wonderfully satisfying intercourse life with out it, however I do know he nonetheless needs to attempt (and I’m kinda enthusiastic about being his first on this specific area).

Do you’ve got any strategies about the best way to recover from the cock-softening psychological block? I’m very happy to maintain him bodily stimulated throughout prep, however I’d love some concepts on find out how to hold his heads within the recreation too.


– Fifth Base

I think a part of the issue that your boyfriend is having is that he sees anal as this large enterprise – the kind of factor that’s often reserved for porn and never one thing that girlfriends do. The truth that he’s treating this as a “present” you’re giving him, versus a brand new and totally different sexual exercise that you simply take pleasure in, leads me to consider that he thinks you’re not truly into this. If he’s holding on to this concept that you simply’re doing issues beneath some kind of duress, or that you simply’re solely doing this for him, then I’m not stunned he’s deflating a bit. It’s candy – he doesn’t need to do one thing he thinks you don’t need – however it’s additionally going to be an ongoing drawback if he can’t convey himself to take “YES YES YES” for a solution.

Now there’re numerous choices for the bodily aspect of the equation. The 2 of you may, for instance, head over to your native intercourse store and get a cock ring for him. Many individuals use cockrings to take care of their erections; the rings assist prohibit the blood-flow in an erect penis in order that the blood can’t depart the erectile tissue and depart him at half-mast. This is able to assist mitigate the difficulty of making an attempt to maintain his hard-on through the prep and heat up.

However I think the higher reply can be to dial again on penetration for now and as an alternative, work anal play into your common sexual routine. Whether or not it’s the (mild) use of fingers, a butt-plug (ensure it has a flared base) or different types of anal stimulation and play, the extra he experiences you having fun with buttstuff, the much less he’ll see it as this sacrifice you’re making on his behalf. By demystifying it and taking it from being this profound occasion and extra only one extra method the 2 of you please each other, he’ll be capable of get out of his head and put his consideration the place it belongs: on the 2 of you.

It might additionally assist for him to take a look at Erika Moen’s wonderful webseries Oh Pleasure Intercourse Toy. She and her companion Matt have numerous nice instructional comics about anal intercourse and anal play, which can assist him recover from any hang-ups he’s feeling about getting up in there.

Good luck.


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