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Breaking News, Ecuador News, World, Sports, Entertainment » “El ruso”, who participated in the caminito operation, is the Argentine Iván Germán Velázquez Durán

Breaking News, Ecuador News, World, Sports, Entertainment » “El ruso”, who participated in the caminito operation, is the Argentine Iván Germán Velázquez Durán


In an interview carried out by way of e-mail, the now applicant for political asylum in Spain, tells how the investigation was initiated to find out these chargeable for the interception of the private accounts of the very best authorities of the Ecuadorian State, political figures and even journalists.

The investigation course of within the Comptroller’s Workplace, in line with Romero, had obligations towards him as a result of he claimed that “El Ruso” didn’t exist. Now you recognize who he’s and what nationality and specialty he was. Under the transcript of the entire interview.

What did Operation Caminito include?

the authorized backing that I’m conscious that this operation has been declassified by
the COSEPE, and since the Workplace of the Prosecutor is giving blinds in its
“seek for the reality”, I agree to offer this interview about this
operation and to disclose the id of the so-called “El Ruso”

Within the
first quarter of 2013, once I was Nationwide Secretary of Intelligence, there was
a hacker assault towards the State and its numerous features; and concurrently
to the Governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Colombia, by
the worldwide anarchist group calling itself Los Centauros. To face this
menace, an operation referred to as “Caminito” is organized, for which a
overseas adviser “El Ruso”, an professional in cyber protection, who was
initially a part of that assault group, is recruited.

How lengthy did Operation Caminito final?

“Caminito” was carried out for a number of months between 2013 and till
January 2014; and generated a cost all through these months in favor of
“the Russian”. In the course of the time of the operation, “El Ruso”
acted as an advisor to stop new assaults and a coach in technological instruments
to enhance the talents of the SIN technical workforce. All the private conferences with
“El Ruso” and for his or her security have been made in Uruguay, the place of
residence of stated advisor, at the moment. After my departure, the Intelligence
Secretariat continued to rely on the help of “El Ruso”. I don’t
know the identify they gave to that operation and I have no idea the alias with
which they continued to name the Russian.

Comptroller Common of the State (CGE) establishes a report with indications of
felony duty for this operation and sends the report back to the Workplace
of the Prosecutor, why and what does it need to say about it?

CGE, in one of many audited quarters (June 1 to August 31, 2013), regardless of the
exams of the brokers, technicians, analysts, and so forth. who confirmed having met and
labored with “El Ruso” decided that the operation
“Caminito” and “El Ruso” didn’t exist; and subsequently despatched
in September 2014 to the Lawyer Common of the State a report with IRP, even
with out having beforehand requested the INS itself, the MICS and COSEPE declassification
of such operation as required by the Nationwide Safety Regulation. In his report the
Comptroller Basic, intends to object on the character of the operation, on the
particulars of the reviews, that’s to say on the contents, separating and
interfering in topics alien to his competence; and eventually to know the actual
id of “El Ruso”.

the alleged embezzlement. It also needs to be talked about that the CGE report
violates the mandate of the FUNDAMENTATION (articles 76, 7, l). INDICATIONS OF
CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY are said with out mentioning what these indications

referred report covers 1 / 4 of 2012, when the operation lasted about eight
months. That’s, within the different quarters “there was no” irregularity to
converse. The report was biased from the start as a result of former Comptroller
Carlos Pólit had paranoia of all the safety organs and believed that he was
watched and noticed. I feel he has been frightened about Odebrecht and others
since that point. And actually within the Intelligence Secretariat we by no means had any provision,
nor did we act on our personal initiative in any investigation of any nature about
the ex-comptroller dismissed Polit.

with that paranoia that he had, he pressured me to ship the studies and
advisory work that “El Ruso” carried out and in addition his actual id.
We all the time had discrepancies due to the truth that the regulation permits you to
audit on using reserved bills, however not on the content material of the studies

fascinating to additionally reveal that the CGE audited me concerning the particular bills,
eight quarters that corresponded to six my direct administration and a couple of to the administration
of Raúl Patiño who by no means appeared as secretary and “delegated” that
duty which is clearly prohibited by regulation . And of these eight audits, the
7 didn’t have any issues. As well as, there have been tons of of studies with
covert identities of brokers, informants, and so forth .; and the actual id of these
topics was by no means requested

do you imply by that restrict that the Comptroller’s Workplace has over the scope of
the audits on particular bills?

Article 26 of the PUBLIC AND STATE SECURITY LAW signifies:

management to particular bills. – The accountability for using particular
bills incurred by the Nationwide Intelligence Secretariat shall be held earlier than
the Common Comptroller of the State beneath the process this official challenge
for the impact, which can essentially be established that expenditure should
have instrumental help.

the paperwork that permit figuring out the vacation spot of the particular bills, however
not their beneficiaries, in order that they are often declassified inside the time period of
fifteen (15) years offered on this regulation, will probably be stored of stated paperwork. The
others shall be incinerated by the Comptroller. “

intelligence and counterintelligence FOR INTERNAL PROTECTION, MAINTENANCE AND
PUBLIC ORDER NATIONAL DEFENSE, states in Article eight. “judgment. – The
Comptroller Basic of the State, personally and privately and non-delegable,
will decide the accounts rendered by the Secretary or the Nationwide Secretary of
Intelligence … “

then as much as the Comptroller to evaluate the accounts of the particular bills, however
not the content material of the studies, conclusions or actions of the intelligence
or counterintelligence operations.

Should you
have any doubt or proof of misuse of particular bills in any intelligence or
counterintelligence operation, previous to submitting to the Workplace of the
Prosecutor, any report with indications of legal responsibility has the duty to
request the competent businesses to declassify the knowledge

In no
case might the Comptroller’s Workplace proceed with out complying with this provision
clearly established within the regulation.

On the
different hand, the judgment of the rendered accounts have to be made by the identical
titular Controller. This perform is “PRIVATIVE AND INDELEGABLE”,
which by no means occurred, because it was all the time entrusted to 3rd events, incurring
a procedural defect

How did you contact the “El Ruso” for the primary time?

January 2013 we began to endure assaults and leakage of necessary info
concerning the safety of the State. I’m referring to the passwords of the mail
accounts of the primary executives of the State; of the President and Vice
President of the Republic; of all ministers together with Protection, Inside and
Overseas Affairs; of the Lawyer Basic, of the Lawyer Basic; of the
President of the Meeting and dozens of meeting members; of the president of
the Nationwide Courtroom of Justice, the editor of the newspaper El Telégrafo and different
personalities of the federal government of that point. We spent the next months
finding a type of accountable and we gained their belief to “recruit”
and we organized the primary assembly to guage it and decide the feasibility
of hiring, on June 15, 2013 in Montevideo. We traveled from Quito to Buenos
Aires on June 14 and returned from Buenos Aires to Quito on June 16. With the
migratory motion, the assertion may be confirmed. From Buenos Aires we
traveled to Montevideo for that assembly, through which participated:

Carolina Alejandra Andrade Quevedo who, in her capability as Basic Coordinator
of Intelligence, on that date, participated within the first assembly to guage
her profile.

Miguel Loaiza, who, in his capability as advisor to the Intelligence Secretariat,
participated on this first assembly to guage the technical profile of the
Russian, and coordinate the technical points of such cooperation and recommendation.

Luis Solís, who in his capability as an advisor to the Intelligence Secretariat
participated on this first assembly to additionally consider the technical profile of
“El Ruso”, and coordinate encryption and safety points through the
“Caminito” operation.

As a
results of this primary analysis assembly, it was determined to rent this advisor on
problems with cyberdefense and safety from hacker assaults. Subsequently, within the
operation “Caminito”, different officers participated who maintained
private and / or on-line contact with stated adviser.

How a lot was paid to “El Ruso” for his providers and the way have been the funds made?

raised charges of 10 thousand euros per 30 days. Walter Olalla Silva, who was an
agent of the Counterintelligence Coordination, had as mission to take funds
in money to Montevideo. These funds on the request of “El Ruso”
must be in 500 payments. At the moment Uruguay didn’t demand or management the
entry of cash by airport in such a approach that there was by no means any setback in
making such funds. Walter Olalla in flip acquired the reviews on the information of
assaults and proposals made by the Russian. These reviews have been delivered
in magnetic and encrypted media. Mr. Walter Olalla traveled to Uruguay a number of

Have been there different officers who met with “El Ruso” or who knew of his existence?

functionaries met at totally different occasions with him, however a number of additionally interacted
completely on-line by way of encrypted purposes. In my coaching as a sociologist,
I didn’t have extra coaching or information about know-how purposes, so I
didn’t share it daily, and there have been dozens of operations, a few of them
operating concurrently. My occupations have been strategic, not operational.

have been different officers in Quito, of decrease rank, who have been conscious of the existence of
“El Ruso”, since they processed the knowledge acquired or
carried out the protection suggestions instructed. We will point out amongst these
a number of officers however for his or her security I choose to not point out them now.

Why was this 2014 concern resumed in 2018?

query. This file had already to be filed, however for causes that affirm the
political persecution not solely that it was not filed, however that a fiscal
instruction is initiated.

Basic Prosecutor initiated the preliminary investigation 065-2014 on the finish
of 2014 based mostly on the aforementioned Comptroller’s report. We’re scheduled to
seem earlier than a number of ex-employees who participated on this operation. We gave
our variations and it was clear to the satiety on the actual execution of
“Caminito”. My model was filed on April 27, 2015. Nevertheless, from
this, as an alternative of submitting the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Workplace requested
the INS to raise the SECRET standing of stated operation, which was denied by
official letter and ratified the character of Secret.

Workplace of the Prosecutor despatched an official letter in July 2014 to the MICS
(former Ministry of Safety Coordination), through which it requests authorization
to declassify the “Caminito” operation, to “… assess whether or not
there are adequate parts to file expenses and maintain an accusation.”
In October 2015, the MICS replied that it isn’t applicable to declassify the

concern is taken to the COSEPE to find out about this specific and after 14 months
in December 2016, the COSEPE determined to ratify the key nature of the
operation “Caminito”. Instructs the INS to organize the respective
report and check with the Workplace of the Prosecutor.

Regardless of
the decision that was taken in December 2016, to not declassify the
info of the operation “Caminito”; the Prosecutor’s Workplace
forwarded the file to the Nationwide Courtroom of Justice in January 2017 and
requests my “… jail for investigative functions”. For what he
argues: “… evidenced the abuse of public cash, as a result of some funds
would have been made to a supposed informant referred to as” The Russian
“with out there being proof that the latter has delivered the
info and there’s no certainty within the id of who acquired these
monies. “

assertion was made by the Workplace of the Prosecutor and earlier than the Comptroller,
as a result of “The Russian”, when signing the receipts, did so with a
disguised id for apparent causes. He additionally argued maliciously and
recklessly “… it’s important to have his presence within the tax
investigation much more when the Workplace of the Prosecutor has requested the
Ministry of Safety Coordination to declassify the knowledge categorised as
prime secret of the paperwork of the operation referred to as” Caminito “,
purpose for the current earlier investigation “.

that date (January 2017), not solely that the Ministry of Safety Coordination
had denied declassification, but in addition in December 2016, COSEPE rejected the

February 13, 2017, the Intelligence Secretariat delivered to the Basic
Prosecutor’s Workplace the official letter No SIN-DS-0063-2017, the place it was
recorded that the confidential info categorised as “secret”
wouldn’t be declassified, with which the Prosecutor Basic requested the decide,
the lifting of present injunctions towards me, a undeniable fact that occurred in April

that date, the state lawyer common’s workplace didn’t take any motion or
diligence on this prior investigation; nor did he attend any of our requests.

curiously in Might 2018, (after greater than 370 days of inactivity), and within the
center of the mediated case of political persecution referred to as “Balda
Case”, the Prosecutor in cost, indicators an order and requests amongst different
actions, that I prolong my model and sends once more the request for
declassification of the street operation to COSEPE.

As I requested
in June 2017, asylum to the Kingdom of Spain, I’m prevented from fulfilling
any exercise or assembly with Ecuadorian officers. For that cause, I didn’t
submit the extension of the requested model. However, as well as, by no means and
till now I used to be knowledgeable if the COSEPE, raised the SECRET character of the street
operation in order that I personally or any of the opposite officers might render the
model. In current days my legal professionals have reviewed the file and have formally
confirmed that the COSEPE has lifted the reserved nature of this operation and
subsequently this interview.

investigation solely ratifies and expresses the desire of a political persecution
towards me, for having been a part of the federal government group of former president
Rafael Correa. It’s meant to make expenses with out the prosecution can show
“non-existence” of Russian. However, I can show that it
exists, since there have been a number of officers who met personally with him.

Do you point out that the Intelligence Secretariat, after its departure in March 2014, continued with the providers of “El Ruso”?

my successor within the Secretariat of Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Rommy
Vallejo, requested me to assist him find “El Ruso” to proceed counting
on his help, since that they had had many issues of assaults on the pc
methods of the State by hackers . So I made the related contact and traveled
to Montevideo, two officers of the Intelligence Secretariat beneath the orders
of Secretary Rommy Vallejo, Police Main Paul Lopez and one other individual I
just lately discovered is the household of Main Lopez.

Paulina Zumárraga additionally participated, who acted on the request of Main Paúl
López and I perceive Rommy Vallejo himself as a liaison between the
Intelligence Secretariat and me. We meet on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at
three:00 pm on the Café del Puerto, Muelle del Buquebus in Montevideo. There I
introduced “El Ruso” From that assembly I perceive a brand new
collaboration operation was generated between him and the Intelligence
Secretariat, whose particulars I have no idea. It was the final time I had contact
with “El Ruso”.

You point out that the operation “Caminito” is used as a device of political persecution towards you. Why?

investigation is predicated on the “nonexistence” of “El Ruso”
and never on the content material or particulars of the operation, which with all respect put
in danger the steadiness of any authorities, together with the present one.

the Workplace No. SIN-DS-0063-2017, despatched in March 2017 to the Workplace of the
Prosecutor, by the Nationwide Secretariat of Intelligence, by which the
decision of the refusal to declassify the knowledge categorized as secret of
the paperwork of the operation referred to as “CAMINITO”, dictated by the
Public Safety Council and the Ecuadorian State, not solely that the
circumstances that motivated the request for my arrest in January 2017 have been
modified, however that the Prosecutor’s Workplace should have come to the knowledge that
the act The investigation was not a criminal offense.

than 300 and thirty days elapsed because the presentation of Workplace No.
SIN-D-S-0063-2017, with out the Prosecutor’s Workplace requesting some other
diligence; and simply on Might 14, 2018, in full vortex of the so-called “Case
Balda”, this inquiry is reopened and on November 7, 2018 I’m charged with
the absurd accusation that “The Russian” doesn’t exist. How is it
demonstrated “that one thing or somebody doesn’t exist?”

However on this dialog he isn’t displaying it …

On the
opposite, as I’ve indicated above, I can exhibit how I’m demonstrating
with dates, witnesses and locations that “El Ruso” does exist and
subsequently “Operation Caminito” was carried out; for that cause I
converse of political persecution and violation of human rights for
“political hatred and ideological causes”.

Workplace of the Prosecutor dedicated many errors up to now or acted in dangerous
religion on this earlier investigation; and I feel it’s time for the present
authorities to rethink and cease this persecution with none basis.
They’re dedicating lots of of hours of labor, spending state assets,
getting ready stories and requesting professional reviews that with due respect won’t
serve any function.

Who’s “El Ruso”? What’s his identify? What’s his nationality? The place does he stay?

“El Ruso” is IVÁN GERMÁN VELÁZQUEZ DURÁN, of Argentine nationality.
Former army, ex-policeman, pc engineer. Born on April 23, 1979 (40
years previous) Son of Laura María Cristina Durán and surgeon Iván Germán Velázquez

graduating from the Army School as an officer, he specialised in
intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, psychological motion,
propaganda and digital warfare. He labored within the Argentine Military, the SIDE
(Secretary of State Intelligence) and the PSA (Airport Safety Police).

For causes of being persecuted and / or prosecuted in his nation, he settled in Uruguay. I have no idea if he’s nonetheless in Uruguay or due to a dismissal that occurred in 2015, he has returned to Argentina. (I)