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Image result for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez photos

Doug Casey on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Justin’s word: America can’t cease speaking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

AOC, when you haven’t heard, is a 29-year-old democratic socialist. Earlier this month, she turned the youngest lady ever elected to Congress.

And that considerations me. I say this as a result of her platform is each socialist’s dream. She needs Medicare to be free. She needs school schooling to be free. She needs to cancel scholar debt. She needs to hike the minimal wage to $15. And she or he needs to switch oil and fuel with inexperienced power by 2030.

Now, I understand these concepts may sound good to some individuals. However none of this might come free. It will require large tax hikes and much more nationwide debt. Briefly, she’s advocating for insurance policies that always destroy complete economies.

But, she’s one in every of as we speak’s hottest political figures.

I needed to see what Casey Analysis founder Doug Casey thinks of AOC and her insurance policies. So I obtained him on the telephone to debate his ideas for this week’s Conversations With Casey…

Justin: Doug, AOC has been getting plenty of press recently. What are your ideas on her? Particularly, what do you consider her platform and her concept for a Inexperienced New Deal?

Doug: Almost certainly she’s the way forward for the Democratic Social gathering – and of the U.S. Why? She’s cute, vivacious, charming, totally different, outspoken, and has a plan to Make America Nice Once more. And she or he’s shrewd. She realized she might win by ringing doorbells in her district, the place voter turnout was very low, and about 70% are non-white. There was zero motivation for residents to end up for the drained, corrupt, previous hack of a white man she ran towards.

She’s definitely politically astute – however doesn’t appear very clever. The truth is, she’s in all probability fairly silly. However let’s outline the phrase silly, in any other case, it’s only a meaningless pejorative – name-calling.

However the truth is it doesn’t look like she has a really excessive IQ. I think that if she took a standardized IQ check, she’d be someplace within the low finish of the traditional vary. However that’s simply conjecture on my half, solely aside from the very fact a excessive IQ doesn’t essentially correlate with success. In addition to, there are various sorts of intelligence – athletic, aesthetic, emotional, situational…

A excessive IQ can truly be an obstacle in getting elected. Keep in mind it’s a bell-shaped curve; the “common” individual isn’t terribly sensible, compounded by the very fact half the inhabitants has an IQ of lower than 100. They usually’re suspicious of anybody who’s greater than, say, 15 factors smarter than they’re.

Nevertheless, there are higher methods to outline silly than “a low rating on an IQ check,” that apply to Alexandria. Silly is the lack to not simply predict the instant and direct penalties of actions, however particularly the oblique and delayed penalties of your actions.

She’s clearly unable to try this. She will predict the quick and direct penalties of the insurance policies she’s selling – everyone getting enthusiastic about liberating all different individuals’s wealth that simply appears to be sitting round. Energy to the Individuals, and Alexandria! However she’s unable to see the oblique and delayed penalties of her insurance policies – which I hope I don’t have to elucidate to anybody now studying this.

Should you promise individuals unicorns, lollipops, and free every part, they’re going to say, “Gee, I like that, let’s do it.” She’s intelligent on a few third grade degree.

However there’s a fair higher definition of silly. Specifically, “an unwitting tendency to self-destruction.” All of the financial concepts that she’s proposing are going to wind up completely destroying the nation.

It’s as if she thinks that what’s occurred just lately in Venezuela, Zimbabwe – to not point out Mao’s China, the Soviet Union, and 100 different locations – was a superb factor.

That’s my argument for her being silly. And ignorant as properly. However maybe I’m lacking one thing. In any case, Karl Marx was each extremely smart, and very educated; he was truly a polymath. The identical may be stated of many teachers, left-wing economists, and socialist theoreticians.

So maybe a want for “socialism” isn’t simply an mental failing. It’s truly an ethical failing.

Justin: What do you imply?

Doug: Socialism is principally concerning the forceful management of different individuals’s lives and property.

I’m afraid Alexandria is evil on a primary degree. I do know that sounds foolish. How can that be true of a cute younger woman who says she needs simply sunshine and unicorns for everyone? It’s too dangerous the phrase “evil” has been so compromised, so discredited, by the individuals who use it on a regular basis – bible-thumpers, hysterics, and non secular fanatics. Evil shouldn’t be related to horned demons and everlasting perdition. It simply means one thing damaging, or recklessly injurious.

The world can be higher off if she went again to waitressing and bartending.

Justin: Why do you assume she’s resonating with so many individuals then? Is it as a result of she represents one thing totally different from established order, or is it as a result of individuals truly like her concepts?

Doug: It actually helps to be younger, good wanting, and have a pleasant smile. However there are immense issues within the U.S., a minimum of slightly below the floor. Wouldn’t it’s good if everyone had a job paying no less than $15 an hour, free education, housing was a primary human proper, free medical, free meals, and 100% inexperienced power? I do know it doesn’t sound evil – it simply sounds silly. Nevertheless it’s truly each.

The issue isn’t simply that she obtained elected on this platform in a benighted – however more and more typical – district. The issue is that the majority younger individuals within the U.S. have her beliefs and values.

The free market, individualism, private liberty, private duty, arduous work, free speech – the values of western civilization – are being washed away, in all places. Nevertheless it’s onerous to defend them, as a result of the argument for them is mental, financial, and historic. Whereas the mob, the capita censi, the “head rely” because the Romans referred to as them, is swayed by feelings. They really feel, they don’t assume. Arguments are restricted to Twitter feeds. Or 30-second TV sound bites.

Justin: Are you able to elaborate?

Doug: When any person says, for example, “Why can’t we’ve free faculty for everyone? The college buildings are already constructed. The professors are already there. So why can’t everyone simply go to class, and study gender research?” The identical arguments are made for meals, shelter, clothes, leisure, communication – every part the truth is.

To counter that, you must provide you with particular causes for why not. You find yourself sounding like a Adverse Nelly since you’re telling individuals they will’t have one thing.

I assume I’ve given an excessive amount of credit score to the goodwill and the widespread sense of the typical American. The proof of that’s the success of AOC. The psychological aberrations of the typical human are being delivered to the fore.

It’s precisely the kind of factor the Founders tried to protect towards by proscribing the vote to property house owners over 21, going via the Electoral School. Now, welfare recipients who’re solely 18 can vote, and the Electoral School is toothless. Some need to completely abolish the School, and have even 16-year-olds and unlawful aliens voting.

Justin: What are the probabilities that the U.S. adopts her Inexperienced New Deal plan or one thing comparable? It appears more and more possible that America will head in that path within the coming years.

Doug: The U.S. will completely undertake one thing like that when Trump is out of workplace. They’ll do it for a half dozen cockamamie causes that aren’t germane to this dialog. For the final couple of generations, everyone who’s gone to school has been indoctrinated with leftist concepts. Virtually all the professors maintain these concepts. They place an mental patina on prime of nonsensical emotion and fantasy-driven concepts.

No one, apart from a number of libertarians and conservatives, are countering the concepts AOC represents. They usually have a really restricted viewers. The spirit of the brand new century is overwhelming the values of the previous.

When the financial system collapses – doubtless in 2019 – everyone will blame capitalism, as a result of Trump is someway, incorrectly, related to capitalism. The nation – particularly the younger, the poor, and the non-white – will look to the federal government to do one thing. They see the federal government as a cornucopia, and socialism as a sort and delicate reply. Everybody will be capable of drink lattes all day at Starbucks whereas they play with their iPhones.

The individuals that may management the federal government undoubtedly gained’t need to be seen as “do nothings.” Particularly whereas the ship of state is sinking in The Higher Melancholy. They’ll need to be seen as ahead thinkers and drawback solvers.

So we’re going to see a lot larger taxes, amongst different issues. There’s no different solution to pay for these packages, besides promote extra debt to the Fed – which they’ll additionally do, by necessity.

The federal government is bankrupt. However like all dwelling issues from an amoeba to an individual to an organization, its prime directive is to outlive. The one means a bankrupt authorities can survive is by greater tax income and cash printing. In fact, don’t low cost a warfare; these fools truly consider that may stimulate the financial system – the best way solely turning numerous cities into smoking ruins can.

I don’t see any approach out of this.

Justin: Doug, AOC is proposing a 70% marginal tax price to finance the Inexperienced New Deal? Might one thing like that really occur?

Doug: In fact, you’ve acquired to keep in mind that as just lately because the Eisenhower administration the highest marginal tax price was 91%. The typical individual didn’t pay that as a result of it was a steeply progressive tax price. No one did, frankly, as a result of there have been a great deal of tax shelters, which not exist, together with hiding cash offshore.

In Sweden through the 1970s, the marginal tax fee, together with their wealth tax, was one thing like 102%. So, virtually something is feasible in right now’s world.

In fact they’ll increase taxes. It’s time to eat the wealthy. However, perversely, most of the wealthy will deserve it, since many made their cash as cronies through the lengthy inflationary growth.

However take a look at the brilliant aspect. Take a look at this from AOC’s perspective. She doesn’t simply get $200,000 a yr plus large advantages. That’s hen feed. However profitable talking charges, director’s charges, consulting charges, emoluments from the inevitable Ocasio-Cortez Basis, multimillion-dollar e-book offers, and sweetheart funding offers. Not counting undisclosed bribes. She’ll be value $100 million very quickly, like Clinton and Obama.

That’s not even the most effective half. She’ll be idealized, lionized, and apotheosized by an adoring public. The media will grasp on her each phrase. That’s fairly wealthy for a silly, evil dingbat. Different younger socialist idealists will attempt – and succeed – in replicating her success. Congress will more and more be crammed together with her clones.

Frankly, at this level, resistance is futile.

Justin: Thanks for talking with me in the present day, Doug.

Doug: You’re welcome.

Reprinted with permission from Casey Analysis.

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