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North Korea’s Loch Ness Monster – The Concrete Wall


“The wall is a results of the hostile coverage pursued by the USA and South Korea towards unification,” exclaims Kim Chang Yun, a trusted colonel of the Korean Individuals’s Military with over forty years service. Inside earshot, I used to be in any other case preoccupied gazing intently down the dual barrels of 1990’s best binoculars, panning for refracted mild resembling that of the Concrete Wall, North Korea’s personal fabled Loch Ness Monster.

I used to be on the entrance line of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone inside a chilly stone bunker preceded by a crumbling overgrown trench laced with moss. To my left, a sandbagged outpost located on the excessive floor manned by three Korean Individuals’s Military troopers, one was resting, leant up towards a mounted machine gun.

Collectively, all of us stared throughout into South Korea. The enemy. No less than throughout my go to. Do because the Romans do, it’s by no means felt fairly so essential. By being inside North Korea it was my authorized obligation.

“Do you see it?” I requested a fellow vacationer, looking for solace in a majority choice.

“Not but” he responded, optimistically.

What’s the large deal anyway? It’s only a wall, I hear you considering. Properly, the Concrete Wall spans 240 kilometres throughout all the Korean peninsula, chopping it in half. Constructed by South Korea, it’s stated to bodily segregate the North from the South. The wall is 5-Eight metres excessive, 10-19 metres thick and dotted with army institutions and lookouts. Assume the Nice Wall of China, besides in Korea, and as related immediately because the one in China many moons in the past.

Apparently, North Korea’s unique information supply named KCNA claims that the wall can solely be seen from the North Korean aspect.

No matter meaning.

But, this was a declare backed equally by every of my 5 North Korean guides.

north-korea-farming-propagandaA farming mural that includes Everlasting President Kim Il-Sung and Chairman Kim Jong-Il. Crops so far as the attention can see, a celebration of agricultural prosperity. This mural was in a countryside city on the best way to the Concrete Wall.
north-korea-concrete-wall-trenchnorth-korea-concrete-wall-trenchThe ditch main as much as the Concrete Wall’s viewing bunker.

The wall’s discovery was in 1989 by North Korea’s posthumous Everlasting President Kim Il-Sung, simply mere weeks after the autumn of the Berlin Wall (maybe not a coincidence?). It’s turn into a mainstay in North Korean victimisation propaganda and the catalyst to political instability on the peninsula ever since. Every New Yr the South is shamelessly reminded of its existence. Proposed insurance policies are misdirected again to that darn Concrete Wall, the “barrier of nationwide division” as Pricey Chief put it, which forcefully suppresses his individuals’s proper to freedom and tireless North Korean makes an attempt at reunification. Sure, that’s the official line.

In North Korea, the injustice of the Concrete Wall is extensively recognized by all because it’s systematically indoctrinated from a younger age. It’s their Pearl Harbour.

In South Korea, it’s a well-guarded secret.

You’ve by no means heard of it. Neither had I. However as we speak I’ve been pushed virtually an hour parallel to the Demilitarized Zone for an opportunity to witness it for myself.

The one drawback to all of that is: The Concrete Wall didn’t seem to exist.

north-korea-concrete-wall-generalnorth-korea-concrete-wall-generalColonel Kim Chang Yun has been loyal to the Korean Individuals’s Military for over 40 years. He has now been given the position to induct guests on the intricacies of the Concrete Wall.

Earlier than our viewing, we have been formally addressed by Colonel Kim Chang Yun. He spoke with an air of superiority and keenness, an influential charisma hand-picked by Marshal Kim Jong-Un himself for this trusted position. Not simply any position, his job description includes delicate foreigner interplay which is an impossibility for normal residents. These given such a chance are strictly vetted to make sure high quality management at a State degree.

His voice echoed across the room like a lecture theatre as he aggressively tapped the wall, mapping it out together with his stick.

“The wall’s major goal is to stage a army strike towards the Democratic Individuals’s Republic of Korea, to strike us with ease,” he started, a facet he ensured we understood.

Right now wasn’t his first rodeo. Scripted or in any other case, there was ardour. You possibly can see this ardour within the eyes of North Korean guides the nation over. It’s clear this matter was his life’s work.

To his left, the actual dimensions of the wall have been inscribed on the map as if personally measured. As have been the development dates.

north-korea-concrete-wall-factsnorth-korea-concrete-wall-factsThe official statistics of the Concrete Wall.

Vivid descriptions and inventive impression convey the wall to life for the North Korean individuals. The wall is definitely imagined, maliciously constructed by the ‘puppet’ South Korean forces beneath American imperialist order, coincidentally aligning right into a preexisting blanket hatred of america.

“The People are answerable for all of the ache and struggling of our nation.” Colonel Kim Chang Yun remarks.

That is an opinion held by each North Korean citizen, it’s the cornerstone to their nationalistic delight. They study it early, this deep sufferer complicated has personified North Korea for many years and it stays stronger than ever into the 21st century, an idea troublesome to grasp within the age of data.

Actually, I can’t appropriately clarify to you ways odd it’s to go to North Korea. To at least one second be scrolling censored social media in China to touchdown in Pyongyang, the capital hub of freedom deprivation so intrinsic that it makes China seem like Switzerland. I’m not simply speaking within the bodily sense both, nor freedom of expression, however with freedom of data. I do know what to anticipate however this actually hits me on visits to North Korea. There isn’t a web, no public libraries, no worldwide texts and all information broadcasts are censored. Even the music is state authorised and endorsed. This has led to essential considering present merely as an city fantasy in any other case punishable by ‘reeducation’. Inside these borders you realize what to consider and when to consider it, there’s nothing contradicting this studying surroundings.

What I’m getting at is that in North Korea the Concrete Wall isn’t precisely a troublesome promote.

Internationally, the USA and South Korea formally deny the partitions existence. They acknowledge solely anti-tank obstacles at sure DMZ sections the place populations of individuals are intently subset on all sides, or at sections of strategic significance. Diplomats and even journalists have prior to now been given unprecedented army entry to those areas as an try and low cost North Korean claims. This supply was even cheekily prolonged to North Koreans themselves, authorities or citizen. No one took up the supply.

“If the partitions existence have been acknowledged internationally, there can be destructive repercussions, that’s why they maintain denying it” the Colonel argued, a quick and easy rationalization.

This, in fact, is why we have been right here. To not marvel on the partitions magnificence, historical past or it’s impeccable structural integrity — immediately’s privileged go to to the Concrete Wall is a cleverly disguised worldwide car for the ‘fact.’ Run house and unfold the phrase People, your authorities has lied to you.

Throughout visits to North Korea I discover one factor to be clear, that there’s all the time an ulterior motive to sanctioned vacationer visitations. Visiting statues of Kim Il-Sung unveils the extent of nationwide endearment and compliance to Pricey Chief, the native parks are usually full of profitable Pyongyangladites representing a better high quality of life, the Grand Individuals’s Research Home present us North Korea has computer systems, even community entry, and the Three Revolutions Exhibition is a show of nuclear functionality, whereas proof of American struggle crimes lies contained in the Sinchon Museum of American Struggle Atrocities. Even the rigorously chosen supermarkets I’ve visited have been absolutely stocked with Chinese language items, a nod to overseas commerce and a far cry from the meals scarcity ‘garbage’ you’ve heard on CNN.

And the Concrete Wall? Akin to the captured American ship USS Pueblo docked with delight within the Taedong River, considered one of North Korea’s most influential political centrepieces, it’s proof of American aggression. The Concrete Wall additionally demonstrates proof of outward exile by South Korea, whereas in fact, the Nice Chief sits on his yacht falling over himself in makes an attempt to reunify each Koreas. The Concrete Wall is ideal.

The Colonel proceeded to commend us for our bravery in visiting the wall right now and like an excited youngster keen to point out off his toys, invited us outdoors to bear witness to this disgustingly clear piece of injustice for ourselves.

north-korea-concrete-wall-naked-eyenorth-korea-concrete-wall-naked-eyeThat is the view throughout into South Korea with the bare eye. Your complete factor is a minefield. Do you see the Concrete Wall?

It was a peaceable, clear day and the bare eye noticed far into enemy strains the place nothing of specific curiosity stood out. Small birds, sparrows, zipped handed my imaginative and prescient unaware of their residential hazard.

I used to be handed the binoculars.

I need to admit, I raised the binoculars as a critic. Name me even cynical. I problem you to not be after even a short while inside the hermit kingdom. North Korean tourism consciously bathes you in political bias and academic nurturing, it  substitutes your actuality with their very own. So, to be confronted by a poorly minimize wall stencil taped throughout the lens wasn’t too far-fetched an expectation for a rustic harking back to a dwelling, respiration model of 1998’s The Truman Present.

north-korea-concrete-wall-skepticalnorth-korea-concrete-wall-skepticalMy sceptical face as I look throughout 4km of minefield into South Korea, a rustic so shut but seemingly worlds away.

As I pan the panorama, delicate orchestral music emitted from rusted previous audio system as soon as used to ship unsavoury messages to these cowards ‘dwelling in poverty and illness epidemic’ within the South. South Korean army installations in my sights splash painted signage: “Come and see for your self!” A temptation for curious North Korean eyes.

A minefield spanning east to west, you’d by no means have an inkling as dense inexperienced bushland hid the proof. The land was dissected solely by mud paths lined with razor wire. South Korean troopers gazed again from tall outposts, partially hidden not in contrast to mushrooms rising from the shrubs under.

north-korea-concrete-wall-rok-outpostsnorth-korea-concrete-wall-rok-outpostsTwo South Korean outposts far past the border dealing with me in North Korea.

Like ants marching the hilltops, industrial buildings and even shifting automobiles and have been seen within the distance, consultant of an financial system 60 years North Korea’s senior. Solely 4 kilometres away their place was solely accessible to me as a 5,000 kilometre detour by way of Beijing, China. A sobering thought.

north-korea-concrete-wall-rok-outpostnorth-korea-concrete-wall-rok-outpostA South Korean barracks dealing with North Korea. Every was surrounded by a clearing of three layers of razor wire.

Cameras, remark towers and bunkers all draped in camouflage dot the panorama, every with three perimeters of razor wire and electrical fencing. Not probably the most inviting of neighbourhoods, however arguably nonetheless higher than Detroit.

Each the South Korean and distinctly blue United Nations flags sailed defiantly excessive above the set up’s partitions.

north-korea-concrete-wallnorth-korea-concrete-wallMight this be proof of the fabled Concrete Wall?

After which…I took this photograph. The cash shot, as they are saying.

Deep inside enemy strains, because of the complete zoom of my accredited lens I captured what seems to be a wall. One which very nicely might be created from concrete. It was solely a small part and it disappeared with the contour of the land into thick forestry on both aspect of the body.

Might this be what the North Koreans have been speaking about? Was the Concrete Wall greater than merely a propaganda people story? Lean in and see what you make of it. Fable busted? Case closed? Probably…to my shock.

Alternatively, perhaps it’s not that straightforward. That is North Korea, a rustic so nicely versed within the artwork of misdirection that even David Copperfield would go broke. I felt there was extra to the wall than meets the attention.

Wikipedia mentions the Concrete Wall. Not precisely a main supply. However earlier vacationers to North Korea on TripAdvisor swear they’ve seen it, and two beforehand documented accounts of the Concrete Wall have come to the identical conclusion that it exists. But, one way or the other details stay restricted and official statements don’t exist. Oh, and simply as our prehistoric Scottish pal, pictures are as scarce as hens tooth.

Why? How can an architectural feat of this magnitude be so properly hidden since 1987?

Apparently, on additional investigation each of those documented accounts of the Concrete Wall seen it from afar simply as I did. In reality they have been from the precise bunker through which I at present stood. Each documented accounts have been guided by the identical North Korean Colonel and every left with photographic ‘proof’ remarkably just like my very own. So comparable that their photographs of the wall have been virtually similar, even from the identical angle.

What I felt was most odd nevertheless, was that I had already visited the DMZ (the Joint Safety Space) earlier right now however to get a glimpse of the Concrete Wall I needed to be pushed one hour parallel into countryside North Korea. For a wall spanning the complete DMZ, you possibly can’t assist however marvel: Why solely right here?

This was perplexing. Venturing past the crushed path, past the on-rails sanctioned tourism façade down clear streets and sterile political locales was breaking the primary rule of the North Korean playbook. Particularly right here, removed from the ‘security’ of Pyongyang. The detour displayed rural harsh realities of poverty, malnourishment and wrestle. It was a questionable cost-benefit end result, one which was beforehand managed meticulously by authorities. Was the wall actually that necessary?

Pictures I took on this detour have been deleted on the border. Fortunately for you, I had backups so right here’s a pair from the bus window. They provide a extra correct illustration of what dwelling circumstances are like on this area.

north-korea-washing-bathingnorth-korea-washing-bathingI witnessed this simply previous to the viewing bunker, solely kilometres from the militarised border. North Korean’s would quite foreigners don’t see this. For some purpose, the wall’s significance justified the one-hour unfiltered drive right here.
Cars simply don't exist out here. Nationwide fuel shortage and no disposable income enforces cycling as the only means of transport. Cars simply don't exist out here. Nationwide fuel shortage and no disposable income enforces cycling as the only means of transport. Past the most important cities automobiles merely don’t exist. Personal automotive possession is (for sensible functions) unlawful, they characterize an astronomical value to the typical North Korean. Nationwide gasoline scarcity and little disposable revenue reinforce biking as the first technique of transport.

north-korea-housing-overgrownnorth-korea-housing-overgrownRural farming housing.
Countryside town east of Kaesong along the DMZ. Sad, lonely and forgotten.Countryside town east of Kaesong along the DMZ. Sad, lonely and forgotten.Cement buildings of questionable structural integrity in a countryside city. These are corn crops, a life giver in lots of areas of the nation.
north-korea-local-housingnorth-korea-local-housingOne other weathered farming group. Farmland is sectioned, farmed and a portion of the crops is collected by the State.

Apart from this rigorously chosen viewing bunker, different intricacies of the wall merely didn’t add up.

North Korean authorities have lengthy claimed the wall was unethically constructed each to stop free passage of their residents into the South, and as a platform for South Korean and American army aggression towards them. In actuality, the North has been the one to put carpets of minefields to stop their residents from leaving, and the South have embraced North Korean defectors who’ve made it throughout unscathed. The Concrete Wall can also be hardly a possible platform of conflict, it might impede the South’s personal army development. If what the North says is true, all the premise of the Concrete Wall simply appears counter intuitive. I can’t think about a 5-Eight metre wall is straightforward to traverse by a tank.

And properly, to hit the nail on the top…that’s precisely proper.

This realisation slapped me throughout the face.

I’m no historical past buff, however let’s head again to June 25, 1950. Rhis was the date marking the start of the Korean Conflict. Kim Il-Sung ordered his North Korean forces throughout the 38th parallel and orchestrated an invasion of the South, eventuating within the capital being captured in simply three days, met with little resistance. This turned often known as the ‘First Battle of Seoul’.

How does this relate? Nicely, it was a tank invasion. Take one guess the place the tanks crossed.

Yep. Proper right here.

Because the crow flies, Seoul is simply 50 kilometres away and with out barrier this was a pure weak level suitably exploited to start the conflict. As George W. Bush as soon as (tried) to articulate: ‘Idiot me as soon as, disgrace on you. Idiot me twice, disgrace on me’. And so, the hole was crammed, tank limitations have been erected they usually’ve been acknowledged as such by each American and South Korean forces ever since.

There isn’t a wall. We have been viewing tank limitations. We have been being had, in true North Korean type.

Simply because the Loch Ness Monster, what started as rumour and fantasy has manifested right into a perceived, accepted actuality with exhausting penned information. Political motive and state theatrics ensured no limits. The wall has a tail, flippers and an extended seen neck that may be noticed solely on the proper time, from the proper angle, and provided that you’re fast sufficient. To cite the film Swordfish, ‘what the eyes see and the ears hear, the thoughts believes.’ That is North Korean tourism.

For the locals? Info is suppressed, residents know as they’re informed. The Nice Chief is cast as a demi-god and is supported by a whole nation until dying. The Concrete Wall may be so long as he rattling nicely pleases. This one is occurs to be 240 kilometres.

Some minutes later, I obtained the faucet on the shoulder. It was time to wrap issues up. We had a busy schedule to stay to.

Colonel Kim Chang Yun was stood to my proper, his posture completely straight with not a blemish upon his militarised olive go well with and novelty-sized peak cap. A plethora of medals sat upon his coronary heart. He waited, intent on relishing within the response of what I had simply seen, bodily proof of American aggression and clear restrictions imposed on free passage into the South.

“Do you see it?” he requested in Korean, translated by my information.

I lowered my binoculars, turning towards him solely to be greeted by a glowing smirk of confidence upon his face, a smirk that would say no aside from ‘I advised you so.’

I paused for a second.

“Sure.” I responded.

“I do.”


P.S – So, what’s your opinion? Is the wall merely North Korean misdirection or does it span the peninsula? Wall or merely tank lure? Let me know within the feedback under! Cheers, Elliott

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