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Many breast most cancers sufferers come to me for immune and wellness help whereas they’re getting remedy for his or her breast most cancers.

After surgical procedure, chemotherapy, and radiation, breast most cancers sufferers are usually adopted at roughly three month intervals by their oncologists for potential recurrence.

The sufferers who stick with me after the completion of their formal conventional remedy for breast most cancers, understand that ongoing immune and well-being help is important to maintain their physique as wholesome as potential.

One of many issues we discus typically is food regimen. The really helpful food regimen for breast most cancers survivors spreads on the spectrum from Paleo with a heavy meat eating regimen, to an all vegan food plan. Everyone has their very own perspective on this.

For years, one of many issues that breast most cancers survivors have been probably the most afraid of is soybeans and soy merchandise. Someway a few years in the past there got here the assumption that soy as a result of it incorporates “phytoestrogens”, might stimulate the recurrence of breast most cancers. The phrase estrogen has scared everyone, and breast most cancers survivors in addition to wholesome individuals who need to shield themselves from breast most cancers keep away from soy merchandise for that purpose.

However with the newest info, we understand that this has all been a fable!

Thankfully my longtime colleague Michael Greger, M.D. has achieved an exquisite assessment of the soy and breast most cancers literature which was truly revealed three years in the past. And now he has a current replace with much more details about soy and breast well being.

With the newest information we now have come to study there are two estrogen receptors, and that’s the reason soy could be so useful, not just for breast most cancers safety but in addition for bone density.

As Dr Greger factors out “How can soy meals have it each methods, pro-estrogenic results in some organs (defending bones and decreasing scorching flash signs) however anti-estrogenic results in others (defending towards breast and endometrial most cancers)?”

In these two movies he critiques all of the research on soy and breast most cancers, and clearly exhibits that ladies who ate the HIGHEST quantity of soy after breast most cancers had the LONGEST survival! So soy truly protects towards future breast most cancers!

That is the other of what ladies have been informed for years and what ladies as we speak are nonetheless being informed by their oncologists.

I urge you to observe these movies and eat soy to remain wholesome!

And right here is the second:


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