TPLF’s Latest Strategy to Return to Power and Restore Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia

TPLF's Latest Strategy to Return to Power and Restore Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia




TPLF’s Newest Technique to Return to Energy and Restore Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia



By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam



The jackal in sheep’s clothes is again! | March 1, 2019



The newest technique by the bosses of the Tigrean Individuals’s Liberation Entrance (TPLF) hunkered and bunkered down on the Axum Lodge in Mekele is to deliver collectively parts of the Area Get together, Amhara Nationwide Motion and Oromo Liberation Entrance to wage a scorched earth opposition towards the nonviolent change that’s happening in Ethiopia at present and take over energy.



The knowledge supporting this revelation might have been associated to me by member(s) of Area Get together, Amhara Nationwide Motion and Oromo Liberation Entrance or all three.



However there isn’t a query that I’ve acquired the tip from a extremely dependable informant(s).



The singular goal of the TPLF bosses in bringing parts of the three entities is to create a pretend Amhara-Tigray-Oromo coalition behind which they will cover as they wage a scorched earth technique to destroy what has been described because the Oromo-Amhara alliance, which resulted within the TPLF’s ouster.



The timing of the formation of the pretend coalition is in itself curious.



In nearly 4 weeks, PM Abiy might be celebrating his first yr in workplace.



What higher option to steal his thunder?!!



What higher option to rain on his parade by parading a pretend Amhara-Tigray-Oromo coalition?!!



In response to my supply(s), the TPLF bosses just lately concluded a secret evaluation of their efforts thus far to destabilize and usher in a interval of chaos in Ethiopia.



The conclusions they reached are self-evident and plain for all to see.



Their makes an attempt at taking the lifetime of PM Abiy Ahmed have failed.



Their makes an attempt to instigate a coup have failed.



Their makes an attempt to create ethnic tensions which might deteriorate into ethnic and non secular civil warfare in numerous elements of the nation have failed.



Their makes an attempt to create division and strife inside the EPRDF have failed.



Their try and scare monger the inhabitants about an imminent genocide have failed.



Their makes an attempt to mobilize worldwide help for themselves by claiming genocide and ethnic persecution have failed.



They’ve failed on all fronts. The TPLF is confused and bewildered about to do to get again within the recreation.



What can the TPLF bosses do within the face of the full failure of their political intrigue and machinations?



The TPLF bosses have determined to return to their tried and examined soiled previous tips of divide and rule.



For the final 27 years, the TPLF maintained its ethnic apartheid system in Ethiopia by pitting Oromo towards Amhara, Tigray towards Amhara, Sidama towards Wolieta, Afari towards Somalia and so forth.



However the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system got here aside virtually a yr in the past when H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed turned prime minister.



Over the previous yr, the TPLF bosses have left no stone unturned to demonize, criticize and ostracize PM Abiy and his administration.



They’ve waged scurrilous assaults on the integrity and reputations of the leaders of the nonviolent Ethiopian revolution.



Above all, they’ve accomplished every little thing of their energy through the use of billions they’ve stolenthey have stolen from the Ethiopian individuals to



1) trivialize the achievements of the PM Abiy administration;

2) delegitimize the extraordinary and historic democratic modifications in Ethiopia by waging a concerted and coordinated cyber psychological warfare on social media; and

three) direct and coordinate behind the scenes demise and destruction they hoped will convey Ethiopia into civil struggle.



To perform this function, they haven’t solely paid road thugs to wreak havoc on the civilian inhabitants within the countryside but in addition employed empty barrel intellectuals, journalists, pundits and trolls to wage psychological cyber warfare for them.



However their efforts have solely produced unusual fruits of demise and destruction.



Their message of hate and division has fallen on deaf ears.



However they proceed to evangelise their gospel of ethnic supremacy to their refrain of hate mongers and thugs.



However the Monetary Occasions, a British newspaper based in 1888, greatest described the modifications which have taken place in Ethiopia over the previous yr in its report a couple of days in the past. Abi Ahmed






The TPLF bosses immediately are hellbent on completely destroying the present reform and liberalization course of in Ethiopia at any and all prices.



What should the TPLF bosses do to destroy Ethiopia’s nonviolent revolution?



That in a nutshell was the quintessential query the TPLF bosses confronted on the finish of their evaluation (gimgema) lately.



The consensus they reached was unambiguous:






TPLF boss Getachew Reda as soon as stated of Oromos and Amharas coming collectively, “If Amharas and Oromos are united, meaning we, the TPLF, haven’t completed our homework”.



Getachew Reda additionally stated, “Amhara and Oromo are like “chid” (the chaff from Ethiopia’s staple meals teff) and hearth (the equal of fireside and extremely flamable pampas grass). They will by no means come collectively as one.”



I do know precisely what the TPLF bosses consider Amharas. I’ve it documented it through the years.



The TPLF bosses consider Amharas are “retards” and “enemies”.



That is additionally precisely what they inform and train their youngsters about Amharas:






The TPLF bosses consider Amharas are dumb as a flock of turkeys.



The TPLF additionally believes Amharas have to be worn out as an ethnic group.



It’s all of their Manifesto and corroborated within the testimony of their prime leaders.



I additionally know precisely what the TPLF bosses consider Oromos.



They consider Oromos are “criminals and terrorists”.



They consider Oromos wouldn’t have the innate potential to control or train political energy as a result of they too are dumb and silly.



The ignorant TPLF thugs are clueless that Oromos are the originators of the African Gada democratic system!



The TPLF bosses consider they, and solely they’re the neatest, the brightest, the bravest and the chosen ones.



The remainder of Ethiopians are God-forsaken fools and idiots, as their late chief used to say.



nicely, the TPLF bosses at the moment are again to high school, the varsity of intrigue, double-dealing, conspiracy and monkey enterprise.



They’re huddled to do their homework.



What’s their homework at this time? Nicely, it’s the homework they didn’t end yesterday!



Slice, cube, mince, divide and chop Ethiopians into hate teams in order that they will cannibalize one another whereas the TPLF bosses sit at Lodge Axum sipping French cognac.



The TPLF bosses have executed their homework.



They’ve created a make-believe, shell opposition pressure composed of parts of Area Social gathering, Amhara Nationwide Motion and the Oromo Liberation Entrance to do the soiled work for them by promising to



1) defend the structure;

2) protect ethnic federalism;

three) reject neoliberalism and oppose privatization of inefficient state-owned enterprises promised by PM Abiy;

four) give higher autonomy to native areas;

5) return Addis Ababa (Finfine) to Oromos;

6) rescind the Ethiopian-Eritrean peace accords by insisting on reclamation of Eritrean ports, amongst others.



The die has been forged in line with the knowledge I’ve acquired.



Parts of Area, Amhara Nationwide Motion and the Oromo Liberation Entrance are in negotiations as of this writing and could also be able to announce their new coalition at any time.



The shadow coalition and faux shell opposition pressure the TPLF has created to undermine the present peaceable change might achieve creating the phantasm of an actual opposition pressure and sow short-term confusion in a phase of the general public thoughts, however it won’t succeed.



There are three explanation why it won’t succeed.



First, the Ethiopian individuals won’t be fooled by the TPLF wolf in sheep’s clothes making an attempt to promote them snake oil.



The TPLF bosses have all the time believed the individuals of Ethiopia are fools and idiots, as their late chief as soon as stated. They assume they will hoodwink and bamboozle them with candy speak and empty guarantees. However that too will fail.



At present, Ethiopia enjoys a free press with energetic journalists and bloggers who will shed the sunshine of fact on the key intrigues and machinations of the TPLF to return to energy whatever the tips they could pull out of their rear ends.



Second, the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system and ethnic supremacy is lifeless, lifeless, lifeless! It should by no means return to Ethiopia.



No quantity of backroom dealing, payoffs of so-called opposition leaders, or armies of social media trolls and empty barrel mental, journalists and pundits will deliver again to life the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system.



Third, as I’ve warned the TPLF on quite a few events, IT IS GAME OVER!



In October 2017, I wrote a commentary entitled, “Ethiopia: The Day After… the Firestorm”, I predicted the technique the TPLF is utilizing immediately.



I additionally predicted the TPLF’s endgame might be: “ ‘Apres nous, le deluge.’ After us, the flood.



Just like the proverbial Ethiopian donkey which stated, ‘After I’m gone, I couldn’t care much less, if grass grows.”



After the TPLF is gone, they might not care much less if grass grows in Ethiopia or Ethiopia is consumed in a forest hearth.”



If Ethiopia can’t be a plaything and playground for the TPLF, she will go to hell in a handbasket.



However we Ethiopians care about our nation.



We’ll make our nation a paradise in Africa.



A yr in the past, Ethiopia rose from the hellfire of TPLF rule as a result of God lifted her up by her outstretched arms.



I’ll prophesy to the TPLF bosses this easy fact. In the long run, your swords will pierce your personal hearts and your bows shall be damaged. In the event that they doubt me, I problem them to return and assessment all the prophesies I’ve made about them.



In February 2013, I prophesied the TPLF shall inherit the wind.



In February 2019, the TPLF inherited the wind.



In February 2019, the TPLF is gone with the wind!



I give one recommendation to my fellow Ethiopian sisters and brothers in all places.



The worth of liberty is everlasting vigilance. Keep alert and awake.



The TPLF wolf in sheepskin is in your midst. Beware or the wiley wolf will get you by the jugular.



I name on all Ethiopians to face vigilant and defend the nonviolent revolution on the bottom and in our on-line world because the TPLF bosses roll out their newest and biggest present to reinvent themselves, return to energy and reestablish ethnic apartheid!



What ought to we make of the three-ring canine and pony circus of the TPLF-created coalition composed of parts of Area Get together, Amhara Nationwide Motion and the Oromo Liberation Entrance?



Do what everybody does at any circus: Be entertained!



However by no means, by no means, by no means underestimate the wolf in sheep’s clothes.



Properly, you learn all about it right here, first.